USB/PWR Splitter

USB-A power/data splitter

USB/PWR Splitter

The adaptor allows the Raspberry Pi 4 to be used with a Pi Micro USB power supply (or DC barrel jack) whilst allowing access to the OTG USB.

USB Type-A (data and power) <> USB Data (Micro USB) and Power (Micro USB/Barrel jack).

The pins are connected as shown in the table below.

USB Type A Micro USB (PWR) Micro USB (Data) Barrel Jack
5V 5V   5V (tip)
D-   D-  
D+   D+  

The barrel jack accepts 5.5 mm jacks (2.1/2.5 pin).

To use the adaptor with the Raspberry Pi 4 you need.

  • A short USB-C to USB-A cable between Pi4 and the adaptor board.
  • Micro USB cable to access USB OTG Data.
  • Power via either Micro USB Power Supply or Barrel jack (5v 2.4 Amp or higher PSU).

Using a Cluster HAT node image (p1/p2/p3/p4) you can plug the USB data into a computer (Raspberry Pi, Win10, etc.) and access the system via either USB Gadget Ethernet or Serial Console.